YouTube Is Now Charging, What Next?

Like so many other companies, and individuals, in today’s economy YouTube has decided to start charging for some of its services. If you belong to YouTube, and subscribe to your favorite video bloggers, news sites, and more, you may find yourself having to pay at least a dollar a month per subscription to keep viewing.

The paid channel pilot program will begin in May, and allow thousands of YouTube contributors the ability to launch “paid” channels for viewing. Though contributors can still post videos for free viewing, the likelihood of them doing so, if they are awarded the chance to make money, is pretty unlikely.

YouTube, owned by Google, has recently spent millions of dollars revamping its systems and quality of content in an effort to bring people from television to the internet. YouTube also offers production studios in Los Angeles, Tokyo, London, and in 2014, New York City.

The monthly fee from customers will be split between Google and the channel producer, a split not yet defined publicly.  The program is very new, and the amount of paid channels currently is very small. The public’s reaction to the program is obviously, less than boisterous.  Senior VP of global strategy for National Geographic remarked on their paid channel saying,

“We had hoped to set the world on fire. We are not setting the world on fire right now.”

National Geographic and other current contributors are keeping their hopes up that this pilot period will prove successful. The contributors are currently not allowed to share specific numbers with the public; however, there seems to be little urgency to sign up from customers.

Before long we will have to pay a fee to search on Google. In an economy like this, everybody is charging for everything.


About the Author/Stephanie Kuklish: Stephanie Kuklish is a 30 something writer passionate about politics, the environment, human rights and pretty much everything that effects our everyday life. She is profoundly deaf and writing is her expression. To stay on top of the topics she discusses, like and follow her at .

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