When You’re Trying to Find God, Looking Towards Man is the Wrong Direction

The primary reason that organized religion is one of the biggest problems in America is because it teaches its adherents to let other people do their thinking for them. When my family used to drag me off to church as a child, I learned two things – and neither was BECAUSE of the church experience, but IN SPITE of it. 1). Treat others as you would like to be treated, and 2). “Know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

When I was a kid I’d be walking around bumping into trees because I had my eyes closed praying for God not to send me to Hell for having common sense. The church had me so afraid of the questions that were popping up in my head about what the preacher was telling me that didn’t make sense that I was sure that God was gonna send me to Hell for not being able to force myself to believe in walking dead men and talking snakes. I tried to be a good Christian, but I just couldn’t. I’m just not wired to believe in nonsense – and I never was.

But one day I said a prayer that set me free. I asked God to please help lead me, guide me, and help me to understand his will. Then, when I opened my eyes I was free. God gave me permission to think for myself, and I began to understood the importance of keeping man out of my relationship with God. I also learned that the only way that we can know God’s will is by what he has done – and he made birds to fly, fish to swim, and man to think.

Author: Eric Wattree

What say you, the people?