Trump and Covid-19 Misinformation

It is pitifully clear that we have a “president” utterly bereft of the character needed in this hour of history.

The public statements he makes relating to this pandemic tend to be dedicated to specifically refusing any blame for his disbanding the very executive branch resources which might have helped the country mitigate what’s happening while, as usual, falsely accusing the far better President who preceded him of all blame.

I have never, in a life of eight presidencies, once heard one specifically state: “I accept no responsibility. None at all,” and then spend a minute sounding like a grammar school child making excuses and blaming everyone around him.

And, of course, never a word of acknowledgment that he, Trump, attempted to dismiss the coming crisis as no more than an effort by the news media and Democrats to “get him.”

It is incumbent on us all to take every caution we must to get America through what’s coming and to remember clearly because we are honor bound to emphatically end this apocalypse of national shame in November.

So, be careful. You are needed.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun

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