The Struggle for our County’s Soul

Goddess bless the Rolling Stone. They “call the ball.”

You do see this, right-? You can’t possibly still be missing that this authoritarian character from a comic book really is trying to violently light up his base. Seriously. Don’t play stupid.

It is getting too obvious: 18 transgender people murdered this year so far. And a 12-year-old black girl was bullied, physically accosted and had her dreadlocks hacked.

A young teen, only 13 years old, assaulted at a rodeo for forgetting to remove his hat even as he stands for the national anthem. His attacker saying he was “following the orders of his Commander in Chief.” There have been similar actions at other public events. The attacks on LGBTQ and transgender people which the American Medical Association is calling and “epidemic.”

And now that same “president,” out of the hundreds of congressional tweets about impeachment, lashes out at two Jews and four women of color just after advocating that a whistleblower and sources be treated as “spies” in the old school way.

And then this irony: we have to fight this peacefully…we have to. We have to decry this and stomp this travesty back out of existence without violence. I was a Marine and I know violence. If we yield to its call, we lose everything we think we’re fighting for. Martin Luther King knew it, Bobby Kennedy knew it and we have to know it now. And that can be hard.

But we have to fight, and not savagely, because we have to win a lot more than some elections. We have to reclaim our country’s soul.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun

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