The Fate of Kurds in Trump Hands

I didn’t think the shame could get worse but it just did. You see, history is my “thing.”

So get this: This man is consciously destroying our world standing because someone told him to, and he’s doing it in a fashion that will make it damn near impossible to recover from.

The basics:
WW2 lasted six years and ended 74 years ago, and while the Kurds existed, they were thousands of miles removed from the European Theater of Operations and doing their best to survive under the German-friendly Turkish regime of the time.

More Recently:
The Kurdish people were our allies from about 2004 on, about 15 years. They fought in places we didn’t want to have to, and they fought well. They helped contain ISIS with 11,000 Kurds dying in that fight.

Now, the Turkish strongman Trump so admires, Erdogan, has easily persuaded dinkie to walk away all but assuring a Kurdish pogrom which the dinkie-Don loves, because it’s one more Obama diplomatic master stroke he gets to undo.

Don’t ever forget that his pathetically obvious spite for a better President is at the core of everything he does, and this time there’s a kicker, for the Kurds were still minding 70,000 ISIS prisoners under the Syrian Defense Forces who no one’s minding now. He’s resetting ISIS, and he’ll blame that on Obama, too. You watch.

No way that could go wrong, right?



Author: Chris Braun

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