TGI Friday's Employees Prank Muslim Woman With Bacon Bits In Her Tea (VIDEO)

The anti-Muslim hatred in America really is getting out of hand. It is shown in many ways, big and small, all over the nation. The incident you are about to read about might seem like nothing more than a childish prank, but its implications and intent are indeed something much more sinister.

The Raw Story reports that Nicole Queen posted to Facebook about a less than pleasant visit to her local TGI Friday’s restaurant in Garland, Texas. After already having received less than welcoming treatment upon entering the restaurant, her waiter seemed annoyed when she asked that the bacon bits be removed from her Cobb salad. When her salad — sans bacon bits — was returned to her, it was another server who delivered it. At the end of her visit, and after paying her check, Ms. Queen was offered an iced tea to go. She thought this was a strange offer, but accepted nonetheless.

Things got worse when Nicole Queen went to take a sip of her iced tea. There was bacon in the straw. She says of the experience:

I knew right away that it was bacon, and I knew right away that it had been placed in my straw because that was the first thing that went into my mouth.

Of course, TGI Friday’s tried to cover their own behinds by insisting that nothing like that would ever go on in their chain, and that none of their employees would ever be bigots, oh no. They say of the incident:

We take this matter very seriously, as it would represent a gross violation of our values and the promise we make to each of our guests. We have been in contact with the guest, and we are working with her to investigate. We will take any appropriate actions necessary based on the findings.

Sure you do. We’d expect you to say nothing else.

In the end, Nicole Queen is the one who showed class. She does not wish to sue the company (though she bloody well should, to teach them that they can’t get away with crap like this), but wants everyone involved to learn something from the situation.

Watch the news report below, courtesy of WFAA in Dallas:


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