Terrifying Political Costumes For Halloween

Trying to figure out a great Halloween costume and you don’t want to go as a witch, cat, or dreaded sexy kitten this year? How about a politically charged costume, sure to get everyone talking, and make a statement at the same time?

Buzzfeed put together some humorous and politically charged costumes with information on how to make them yourselves. Here at Liberal America, we, metaphorically, don humorous political costumes every day, not just Halloween. Therefore, we wanted to point out some of the more humorous of their choices.

Anthony Weiner Costume

Anthony Weiner Costume

This costume, not only humorous, but horribly frightening for just about any location you choose to wear it. Think accessories and spruce it up with a cell phone, taking amazing selfies with it for your friends, family, and that special someone.

Vladimir Putin Costume

Oh Vladimir, riding around shirtless on your noble steed. Bring along a bottle of vodka and you can hand out your own treats in this costume. And as Buzzfeed points out, you should get a lot of candy just from the sheer intimidation factor.

Halloween can be a night of laughter, humor, and bewitching costumes. You want to be sure make a choice that will stand out this Halloween, and make the boldest of political junkie run for cover. Whatever you choose to don this Halloween, remember there is no scarier of an option than those trying feverishly to reign terror and fright 365 days a year, our terrifying political extremists.

About the Author / Stephanie Kuklish I am a 30 something writer passionate about politics, the environment, human rights and pretty much everything that effects our everyday life. I am a profoundly deaf and writing is my expression. To stay on top of the topics I discuss, like and follow me on Facebook.

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