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The Fight For Civil Rights Will Begin Again, Again and Again.

“This fight will never end. There will always be those who want to oppress others, because of their feelings of inadequacy or lack of self-worth, misinterpretation of their ‘values’ or just blatant ignorance. Those in the minority will always face a battle of acceptance, and equality, will often be an uphill climb.”

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Racism Is Taught

I saw a post on facebook the other day, and this poster reckoned as how racist of today were probably beat up by blacks sometime…

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Stop Saying You’re Shocked!

The most noteworthy thing about Trump’s “Go ask China” comment at his press conference, wasn’t that he directed it at an Asian-American reporter, who, as…

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When Will Enough Be Enough?

There are two things going on with respect to mass shootings in this country. The first should be self evident. It is entirely too easy…

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America’s Dirty Little Secret

Kathleen Vohs of the Washington Post writes about the “cognitive dissonance” that plagues Trump supporters. Kelly Weill of the Daily Beast wonders whether his “hard-core fans can be deradicalized.”…

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But now, for the first time ever, it’s come directly from the pinnacle of American power. From an icon of We the People: A United States President, standing on the White House grounds told fourwomen of color, all members of the U.S. Congress, all of whom have just as much right to be here as he does, to “Go back where you came from.”

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