Soon, Most 'Recycled' Plastic Bottles Will Go Straight To Landfills

Most of us mindfully separate our plastics from our trash every day, knowing we are following a green rule by recycling what can be reused. According to China, the U.S.’s biggest source for recycling, that’s about to change, leaving your recyclables un-recycled.

China has announced a Green Fence Policy, which states, in short terms, that China will no longer accept plastics numbered 3-7.  The CEO of Maine Plastics, David Kaplan, commented saying:

[Plastics] 3-7 are absolutely going to a landfill-[China’s] not taking that any more…because of Green Fence. This will continue until we can do it in the United States economically.

With scrap becoming the top U.S. export to China, who controls a very large part of the recycling market, the U.S. recycling companies are now moving fast to come up with a solution to this problem. This change in policy makes a huge indent in the recycling trade and the amount of trash that will now sit in U.S. landfills.

Though the new policy may seem like it will have a staggering negative impact on our country, U.S. based recycling companies and the government are considering that this may a huge push towards a better recycling trade for this country. Mike Biddle, CEO of MBA Polymers stated:

China’s Green Fence offers a real opportunity to the U.S. government and recycling industry to step up its efforts on recycling and catalyze a strong domestic recycling market in the U.S.

This change potentially opens up opportunities for the United States to take a stand in pollution and waste control. There is a huge market now for change, and even larger profits for the U.S. Hopefully the government and the existing businesses will ready themselves. We can’t really afford to add even more trash to landfills that will never disappear.

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