Scarborough Lambastes Michael Steele Over Ted Cruz And What It Means To Be Conservative (VIDEO)

Well, well, well. What have we here? This AM on Morning Joe, Host Joe Scarborough mixed it up with Michael Steele over the tactics of Ted Cruz and the potential of a government shutdown.

It was indeed testy.

Scarborough: “Let me ask, do these people think that Tom Coburn is a RINO?” Scarborough asked. “Do they think George Will is a RINO? Do they think Ron Johnson is a RINO? Do they think Scott Walker, who disagrees with this strategy, is a RINO? If Charles Krauthammer’s not a true Republican, and if Paul Ryan’s not a true Republican, and if Tom Coburn’s not a true Republican, and if Scott Walker’s not a true Republican, I’ve got bad news for them: they’re in the wrong party, they’re actual the ones who are not Republicans.”

Then it got really tense as Scarborough suggested to Steele that he “speak slowly.”

Steele: “I’m not trying to talk down to you.”

Scarborough: “You’re not trying to. You just are.”

Steele then suggested that Cruz and other republicans simply wanted to mover back to a time before the big spending days of George W. Bush. Scarborough was unimpressed.

“Don’t lecture me,” Scarborough said. “I’ve been talking about this for 12 years. I criticized George W. Bush well before you and well before 99 percent of conservatives criticized George W. Bush,” Scarborough declared. “I criticized George W. Bush while Ted Cruz was working for George W. Bush.”

See the full video below.

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Author: David Phillips

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