Run Ashley Run

According to the Internet Movie Database, Ashley Judd is 5 foot 7 inches tall, and I’m betting she doesn’t weigh more than 130 lbs. She is known as “sweet pea” in her family, carries a nice smile, and owns a friendly demeanor. And the Republican Party is scared shitless of her.

Want proof? Just view the ad below created by American Crossroads before she has even declared to run against the incumbent Senator and Minority Leader, (R-KY) Mitch McConnell in 2014.

Now why would a conservative political group run an ad like that against a private citizen whom has made no declaration to run? Is that the act of a confident organization? I’m betting not. And how about that ad? What does it tell us? That she supports President Obama? Well, if she were to run, she would do so as a Democrat, so that’s hardly surprising. I don’t know of a lot of Mitt Romney Democrats. That she is a Hollywood actress? Hardly new information. That she currently lives in Tennessee? Last I checked Tennessee is still in the US of A. I love how the ad leans heavily on Miss Judd saying that “Tennessee is home.” Isn’t that a little bit like holding it against Nickelback for shouting out “We love you Chicago!” at the end of their show? Let’s face it, there are many other things to hold against Nickelback, but I digress.

I mean really, why would a political advocacy group go after a “Hollywood Actress” who lives in another state and is reportedly only considering getting into politics? Because they are skerd. Damn skerd.

You see, Mitch McConnell is not popular in Kentucky…at all. A PPP poll from December found that only 37% of Kentuckians  had a favorable opinion of him vs. 55% who did not. PPP also polled McConnell against Judd and found that the “Hollywood Liberal” only trailed the 4 term Senator by 4 points (47/43). That was December. My guess is the McConnell/Crossroads folks have done some internal polling since then and may have more reason to fear, hence this rather silly ad.

Can Ashley Judd win? I don’t know. She certainly has the star power and fundraising capacity to make it interesting. More than that, she is one sharp lady. Lost in all this focus on Judd the celebrity is a woman who graduated with honors from the University of Kentucky and has a Master’s degree in Public Administration from Harvard. Yes, that Harvard. Judd is also on the Board of Directors for the YouthAids organization and a member of the International Center for Research on Women.

This is a serious person who can raise money, hold her own intellectually, and will have no problem with the bright lights.

Once again, can she win? I don’t know. She loves UK basketball and that doesn’t hurt. She would need to reestablish residency in Kentucky and prepare herself for a very rough campaign. I can already see ads now referencing her nude scenes on film and her recent split with husband, Dario Franchitti. They will come at her hard. But the very fact that I’m not so sure she can’t win leads me to only one recommendation.

Run Ashley, Run.

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Author: David Phillips

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