Robertson: 'We Are Not Anti-Gay;' Gays Are Confused Straight People (VIDEO)

Pat Robertson denies claims he is anti-gay and endorses ex-gay therapy and healing in a rather odd segment from The 700 Club.

“I am very pleased that we have many, many, many homosexuals watching this program and many of them are looking for love and acceptance and help and I’m glad to report that we have thousands of these people who are saying, ‘yes we want to follow Jesus, we’re not happy with the lifestyle we’re in and we want to have a better way,’ I think it’s wonderful that that’s happening.”

Robertson went on to argue that many people are gay due to confusion as the result of child abuse:

 “A lot of people are into this homosexual thing because they’ve been abused by a parent, abused by a coach, abused by a sibling, abused by a friend, they’re little boys and little girls and they don’t know any better and then they somehow think, ‘well I must be gay,’ they aren’t they are heterosexual and they just need to come out of that.”

You can watch the spectacle below:

Author: The Blue Route

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