Rand Paul Plagiarizes Wikipedia: Parts 2 – ???

Rachel Maddow reveals another example of a Rand Paul speech in which large passages are identical to Wikipedia entries.

After showing several examples of Rand Paul using plagiarized quotes, Maddow notes:

“When you are running for president, a plagiarism scandal is not something that you want in your resume – especially not one as embarassing as plagiarizing from Wikipedia repeatedly. But that is what Rand Paul has on his hands now.

And in the face of the mounting evidence that this wasn’t an isolated incident – this is a repeat thing.”


Maddow went on to explain that Rand Paul has not answered her requests for an explanation and is being called out by his hometown media:

“Rand Paul may not want to answer to me, or this show, or this network about this. But he is going to have to answer for this to his hometown press or to somebody. He may not want to answer for it, but he is going to have to.”

You can watch Maddow in action below, courtesy of MSNBC:

Author: The Blue Route

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