ProseNews: Saddlesore (A Lament For The Environment)

Two hundred horses,
sigh to the skies,
so i can retrieve dinner,
a cheeseburger and Biggie fries
fortunes shine on the Orient,
better than the sun,
though they mine the sun as well,
they’ve matched us tonne for tonne
thanks Adam and Steve,
for perpetual El Nino,
we are the aggrieved,
and the Duke came after Valentino
I divine the weather,
and you won’t be together,
pray the plague won’t get us both,
birds of feather flock together,
flock and fuck the natural way,
you no can proliferate.
test-tubes and balance sheets,
fight invisible wars,
passion surrogated to the poor,
who’ve yet to put their feet in any door,
 ice cores don’t settle scores but prove only,
Mother Nature’s saddlesore.-Russell Winfrey 07/23/13

Author: The Blue Route

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