Panel Mocks Bill Kristol on GOP Obamacare Alternative: Too Little Too Late

Alex Wagner and Chuck Todd joined conservative pundit Bill Kristol on Morning Joe Wednesday morning to discuss the roll-out of Obamacare and the recent government shutdown.

Kristol found himself being mocked as he tried to argue that the Republican Party’s alternative to the Affordable care act would be better than Obamacare amid complaints about it’s timing, ‘You’re putting this out’ now?

Kristol argued:

“There are many different ideas, many different pieces of legislation introduced. John McCain  campaigned on a good reform plan and got clobbered on the issues because McCain actually had a big attempt to equalize the playing field to provide insurance and individually provided insurance. Paul Ryan  will lay out the big Republican reform plan in January. I think it will be much better than Obamacare for the country.”

Chuck Todd pounded the fact that the GOP was acting too late, going on to note Obama borrowed McCain’s ideas:

“Bill, the fact that Paul Ryan’s putting this out in January after the law has taken effect fully? This is where the Republicans have hurt themselves on credibility. You talk about the John McCain plan? Barack Obamas plan takes more from John McCain’s plan than any other Republican plan I’ve seen.”

You can watch the debate below, courtesy of MSNBC. [The good part begins at the 20 minute mark, but the rest is good as well.]

Author: The Blue Route

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