NY Cardinal Dolan: Church Has Been 'Outmarketed' On Marriage Equality

Recently, there have been comments from New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan that the Catholic church has been outmarketed on marriage equality.

Cardinal Dolan goes on to say that it is because of Hollywood, politicians, and “opinion-moulders” but that the Catholic will not give up the fight. He also indicated that American dioceses could not and would not support the ACA because it offers coverage for abortion.

I have many, many problems with this ideal that Cardinal Dolan has concerning marriage equality, but I will only go into a few and not the thousands of thoughts rushing through my head that are indignant to his words.

Any type of equality is not a “marketing” strategy.

To compare basic rights of human beings to something that requires marketing is callous and cold. It says that only the person or group of people with the best marketing techniques can affect change and that is not the case. Those with voices and that are vocal about human rights affect any change, not marketing strategy. It is not a business!

The United States is NOT a theocracy!!

To say that human rights should be affected because of a religion in a democratic republic is backwards and bigoted. It is as simple as that. There is not a core religion that the United States is founded on and there never was a core religion. Pushing aside the rights of group of people, to encourage oppression in the name of religion is a dangerous thing to do and can open many doors that will cause issue in society as a whole. It also enables others to elevate themselves over someone else and it takes away the humanity of the people that are being oppressed.

Mind your own business.

Simply put, it is not anyone’s business what someone else does. For centuries, religions have tried to regulate sex and love between two people and it is ridiculous to do it. If a person wishes to marry a person of the same sex or someone of the opposite sex, that is between them, that person, and their God, not them, their partner, and everyone else. When such things are forced upon others because of one group of beliefs, it leads to the door being opened for others to do the same in the name of their god or gods. It is not anyone’s place to tell another how to live by their standards. Live by your own standards and stop worrying so much about your neighbor.

Author: The Blue Route

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