Newtown Father's Testimony Before The Senate AKA The Saddest Thing I Saw Last Week (VIDEO)

When Newtown father Neil Heslin sat down to testify before the Senate Committee on gun violence Wednesday, it was not the first time he had shared the horror of how his son was murdered before others. Heslin recounted how the Sandy Hook massacre had taken his son from him at a hearing at the Legislative Office Building in Hartford, Conn. When Heslin asked the group of onlookers why anyone would need an assault weapon, he was infamously–if debatably–heckled.

Still, Heslin was a portait of composure in Connecticut when compared to his appearance in Washington D.C. While discussing his love for his 6 year old son, Jesse, Heslin broke down under the weight of his loss. One can only hope that his suffering and the other survivors of the 26 victims will not be in vain.

Author: David Phillips

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