Maddow Recounts The Progress On Gay Rights and the Drug War: 'Thanks for nothing, Bill Clinton' (VIDEO)

Last night, host Rachel Maddow discussed the sea change over the last 20 years on gay rights. In doing so, she took particular issue with Bill Clinton over DOMA and DADT.

However, the focus on the segment was more on the progress that the LGBT community has made in the last couple years, culminating with the recent IRS statement that legally married same sex couples can now jointly file their taxes.

She then moved on to discuss the DOJ’s decision not to challenge marijuana legalization in Colorado and Washington State. She then takes another swipe at Bill Clinton on the harsh sentencing of drug addicts.

But as she pointed out, things are getting better.

“This is a big deal in one day’s news,” she said, “but in the context of a lifetime’s worth of the futile, ever-more-aggressive war on drugs, what the administration just did today feels unimaginable. It feels like cats chasing dogs. It feels like pigs flying. It feels like the Harlem Globetrotters losing. It happened. It’s done. Adjust your expectations for what is within the realm of the possible in our country.”

See below.


Author: David Phillips

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