Maddow On The GOP's Downward Facing Dogma: Sodomy, Voodoo, and Satanism, Oh My! (Video)

Last night on the Rachel Maddow show, the host discussed the GOP’s efforts to rebrand the party as being more tolerant to women, gay people, and human beings in general. As Rachel notes below, the current crop of Republican pols making news (particularly in Virginia) are not only cut from the same cloth as Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock and Michele Bachmann, they may even be worse.

This is really is what the Republican Party is like right now. Even after the 2012 elections, and the supposed nationwide tip-to-tail diagnosis that the party needed to re-brand, maybe take it a little easy on the fire and brimstone hot sauce, at least for the next few elections—even after all of that, this is who they are. They are more like this now than they were last year, and than they were the year before that.

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Author: David Phillips

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