A Little Bit of Mayberry: Andy Griffith Was A Liberal

Conservatives have this steadfast belief that utopia in America is bringing us back to Mayberry,USA. Small town values, everybody knows everybody. Church going folks tucked safely into their little nook, shielded from the world around them. Now as a black man, 1950s North Carolina doesn’t really scream utopia to me. But let’s look at Mayberry’s finest.

Sheriff Andy Taylor/Andy Griffith:

Turns out Andy was an active Democrat and big supporter of then Senator Obama. After endorsing him he went out to rural North Carolina to stump. President Obama credited Andy Griffith as a big reason why he carried North Carolina in 2008. He didn’t stop there, up until his death in 2012 Andy Griffith was a very vocal supporter of Obamacare.

Deputy Barney Fife/Don Knotts:

Don Knotts turned out to be more “Mr. Furrley” than Barney Fife. Knotts liked the ladies. By the time he died in 2006, he’d had 3 wives and way more than 3 mistresses.

Opie Taylor/Ron Howard:

Precocious little redheaded Opie became outspoken, bald Ron. A rich, Hollywood, liberal elitist. He advocates many liberal causes and quite a bit of his Hollywood, liberal elitist money has ended up in the coffers of the DNC and liberal candidates.

Aunt Bea/Frances Bavier:

On camera Aunt Bea was America’s favorite wholesome pie baking, advice giving homebody. Off camera Frances Bavier wasn’t exactly the easiest to get along with and it was said that the rest of the cast couldn’t stand being in the same room with her. It was also rumoured that prim and proper Aunt Bea liked the ladies.

Gomer Pyle/Jim Nabors:

By far my favorite of the bunch. The goofy filling station hand turned Americas favorite Marine was a phenomenal singer. And there was that one time in 2012 when 82 year old Jim Nabors didn’t just come out, he came out and announced that he was newly wed to his partner of 38 YEARS!

On second thought, the conservatives might be on to something. Mayberry doesn’t seem so bad after all….

Author: Ryan Eatmon

Son, Father, political hack, lover of the Chicago Cubs, Chicago Bears, Chicago Bulls, Chicago Blackhawks and the Marquette University Golden Eagles. Co-Founder and Admin of The Blue Route.

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