Just Another Day In Gunmerica: 8-Year-Old Boy Fatally Shoots 90-Year-Old Woman Intentionally (VIDEO)

A tragic shooting of a 90-year-old woman in a Louisiana trailer park by an 8-year-old boy is believed by investigators to be an intentional act on the boy’s part.

The Country Breeze mobile home park just outside of Slaughter, (Slaughter?) Louisiana was the scene of this senseless act. According to investigators, the boy was playing the violent video game, ‘Grand Theft Auto IV’ on a Play Station III console inside the mobile home. And then he decided to shoot the 90-year-old woman, Marie Smothers, the boy’s “caregiver”, in the back of the head as she sat in her chair watching television.

The gun was believed to have belonged to Smothers. Why an 8-year-old had easy access to the gun is a question that will probably never be answered. But this is just another example of what happens when you have a proliferation of guns (one gun per person) in the United States, and lax gun control laws. Couple that with the adult irresponsibility of allowing a kid access to a gun and you have a recipe for something bad like this to happen.

As for the Grand Theft Auto video game, one can argue that perhaps the violent nature of the game may have contributed to the crime, but again, a lack of adult supervision was apparent since it has been widely suggested that kids should not be allowed to play the game. Especially an 8-year-old! Many say that the game should only be played by those 18 years or older.

The boy is too young, according to Louisiana law, to be charged with a crime, so he was released to his parents.

A release from the East Feliciana Parish Sheriff’s Office said:

By accounts of relatives of the victim, as well as friends of the family, the victim and the juvenile had a normal, loving, relationship. Although a motive for the shooting is unknown at this time investigators have learned that the juvenile suspect was playing a video game on the Play Station III “Grand Theft Auto IV”, a realistic game that has been associated with encouraging violence and awards points to players for killing people, just minutes before the homicide occurred.

The investigation is ongoing.

Please watch the local news story below, courtesy of WNEM.

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