Italian Lawmakers Stage a Same-Sex "Kiss-In" To Protest in Support of Tougher LGBT Hate Crime Laws(Video)

These politicians put their money where their mouth is when they’re passionate about what they believe in.

In an effort to push for tougher laws on “crimes motivated by homophobia or transphobia”, members of the M5S(Mo Vimento 5 Stelle) party stood up,  grabbed the nearest person of the same gender, and shared a hug and a kiss with that person as other politicians from Beppe Grillo’s party held signs calling for “more rights”.

MP Fredric Daga posted a tweet(as seen below) stating,  “equal rights and dignity without gender. Because a kiss and a hug are not scary”.



The law passed in the Lower House with a 354-79 vote, but it isn’t expected to pass the Upper House.



Author: The Blue Route

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