Is the Economy Better?

People, try thinking. Seriously. Give it a shot, trump-waffen. Yes, it’ll hurt, but not too much.

Here you go. Your uncle humpty’s tax deformation law has so increased the national debt that it’s now larger than the nation’s economy. And it’s getting worse.

Then try remembering as well that while YOU might’ve realized $30 or $50 a week more in your take home pay, the 1% it’s aimed at benefiting are realizing literally $ millions in the same period. The difference? They won’t be giving it back in tax season. They don’t have one, now.

I really get tired of otherwise intelligent people arguing that they like that extra weekly income. Even if they get to keep it, they’re saying that they’re willing to sell out the Constitution, to say nothing of the national and world environment, for a few dollars a week. I’m not.

State of Disunion Lies not withstanding, your dinkie-Don has not safeguarded anything.

Preexisting Conditions: he’s just not yet succeeded in destroying them in court (but he’s actively trying).

Our once cleaner air: it’s getting worse for the first time in years.

Clean Water: not anymore. Dinkie-Don’s turned off all those protections.

And, in spite of all those defunding efforts, the national debt is skyrocketing.

So he and Moscow McConnell want to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

Wake up, America. You’ve been pawned.

S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun

What say you, the people?