If the Ends Justifies the Means, You Are Not a Liberal (Opinion)

I am seeing a trend that I find deeply disturbing to me as this Presidential Administration continues down it’s second term trail – yet what is much more disturbing to me is the ironclad loyalty of the Obama super-fans.  I voted for him twice, and I still hold the belief that he was the best option at the time, but we are at a crossroads where what has been notably achieved on the surface is supposed to glitter our eyes and cover up the Obama Administration’s seedy underbelly.  To some, Mr. Obama is untouchable and infallible.  To the “true” liberal (as some would say) Obama is perfect, and to criticize him is to make yourself an enemy of the machine.

Sounds kind of like the Bush years Republicans, no?

If you are for drone strikes, the current security policy, and the Obama administrations war on drugs and terror, I have to question if you are  a liberal.

Sure you may have some liberal leanings and follow some liberal policies, but following  just the liberal statutes that fit your political fancy only makes you hypocritical, and little else.

I do believe that Obama has done some great things, but since his mistakes involve the death of innocents and children abroad for “peace” via drones; I cannot continue to stand by his current practices.  The skinny on drones is this: because Obama uses them they are acceptable, if a Republican used them would Democrats not demonize them?  One cannot claim that the collateral damage is worth averting the deaths of troops in extended warfare.  Why not?  Because there are only certain types of people that think this way,  like this guy:

For those of you unfamiliar, that is Game of Thrones character Tywin Lannister.  A plot development this season (that I will try to leave as spoiler free as possible) had Tywin authorizing the assassination of an entire family at a wedding.  When explaining his actions to his own horrified son, he dismissed criticism of his actions and their brutality by saying that it saved the lives of thousands that would have been subjected to war.  Of course we have never conducted a surgical strike on a wedding right?  Oh wait, we have.

The bad guy always makes this justification, and we all boo and hiss…but when the Obama administration utilizes drones to the same end, “we” engage in justification.

Does drone use save the lives that would be lost in traditional war?  In many cases yes.  Does that make them justifiable?  Absolutely not.  Afghan children are just as valuable as our own, and when they are accidentally killed by drone use, how do we expect their parents to react?  What would your reaction be?  What was our own reaction to 9/11?  Revenge.

To make another iconic silver-screen reference, when the hero disarms the villain he always asks him to pick up his sword/gun/fists.  His honor is paramount, and he will not fight an unarmed man.  Blowing an overseas tent to hell with a robot from the sky is not heroic; it is cowardly, costly, and quickly becoming symbolic of American arrogance.

I know full well that to some I am nothing more than a “drum-beating-peace-love-happiness-hippy” but when the holy hell did peace fall from being a requisite core of the liberal ideal?  The most foundational core of liberal ideology should always be peace.  But suddenly now you are a naive hippy-type if you aren’t for the aggressive military practices of the current administration.  And that kind of labeling makes us all no different than the Republican party during the former Administration – identifying the critics and labeling them.  Which is why I say now, loud and clear, if you are for drones you are not a liberal.  If you blindly support the President on everything you are a fan, not a member of a democratic society.

The NSA security scandal, ongoing war, and track record of this Administration do not seem to be that different than the policies of the last administration.  Shoot first and ask questions later.  Spy on your populace.  Invade and conquer.  There have been some great liberal advancements in terms of healthcare and college financing reform as well as other achievements, but when we are still engaging in aggressive warfare, more and more domestic spying, and adhering to an “ends justify the means” philosophy, we are no where near the liberal line.

Obama is seemingly a nice guy, and has done some good things, but he is not a liberal, and neither are you if you blindly wave his banner.  He is big business, big war, and big on smashing internet freedoms through a cry of secrecy.  Many registered Democrats are not really liberals, some who claim to be are “Lannisters”, able to justify each action to the end as long as your guy is on top.

Does peace and just war cost more than the use of drones and other such surgical means?  Yes.  But it keeps us honest, and puts back into place that hero’s honor that used to identify the United States – which we need to so desperately seek to have back as a part of who we are.

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Author: The Blue Route

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