Senate Hopeful: It's Not Global Warming – It's The Judgment of God

When Texas Senate hopeful David Barton sat down with televangelist Kenneth Copeland for another “Believer’s Voice of Victory” series, he gifted us with some amazing new information: “global warming” is not caused by anything we’re doing. It’s God’s wrath. For abortion.

“Floods are under the curse, tornados are under the curse, murderers, pedophiles,” he explained. “Abortion was a seed to it that has grown into a murderous, bloody crop of child death. And it doesn’t stop with abortion.”

“Whether that killing is through abortion or drugs or suicide or anything else, you open the door to the killing, it’s got a lot of different manifestations,” Barton said. “But if you choose leaders who support killing, we’ve opened the door to all of it.”

“The Founding Fathers said, when does God judge nations? Because he doesn’t resurrect nations in the future,” he continued. “He judges it right now. There is no future for any nation. When a nation does something bad, it gets judgement or it gets blessings right now in the present. On the spot. Which is why policies matter. Because if you take a bad policy, you get judged for it on the spot. If you take a good policy, you get blessed for it on the spot.” Source: YouTube and Raw Story

Indeed, he observed that tragic stuff doesn’t just happen. A door has been opened, usually by us electing pro-choice politicians. When we support pro-choice politicians, we have “embraced a wicked policy.” And then God says:

“Okay, then I’ll take my hand of protection off your nation and whap, here comes storms like we’ve never seen before. And here comes floods like we’ve never seen before. And here comes the climate stuff that we can’t explain. All the hot times and all the cold times. Too much rain and not enough rain. And we’re flooding over here and we’ve got droughts over here.”

The Dream Team of Barton and Copeland have gotten together before to enlighten us, but this is new and fascinating. Why? Because they’re acknowledging that climate change IS happening, at least. They’re just certain that it’s not actually caused by the climate, or humans, or….whatever. Maybe they’ll come up with a scientific solution? Like, oh, a flood covering the earth to cool things off…or something.

Here is the video. It’s long, but oh so worth the watch.


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