Gabby Giffords Speaks At The Site Of Her Shooting (VIDEO)

Today in Tucson, former AZ House Representative Gabby Giffords returned to the shopping center where deranged gunman, Jared Loughner, shot her in the head while speaking with her constituents. She appeared at the scene of the tragedy to express her support for mandatory background checks for gun sales transacted in the United States.

On a related note, the bipartisan group of Senators working on a comprehensive background check bill failed to reach a deal due to Oklahoma Senator (R) Tom Coburn’s, objection to a permanent purchase record requirement in the proposal made by New York Senator (D) Chuck Schumer . Coburn refused to accept any version of the bill that would enforce a seller to maintain a recorded record of the background check and purchase. Each of the Senators involved vowed to press on, but not in their current group.

Giffords spoke today at the event. She asked congress to “Be bold. Be courageous. Please support background checks.” Not today, Gabby. Not today.

Video below.

Author: David Phillips

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