Fox News' Charles Payne: People Are Poor Because They Eat Turkey And Go To The Mall (VIDEO)

Charles Payne is one of Fox News’ less prominent analysts, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of keeping up with his counterparts when it comes to rhetoric. Of course, no reasonable person expects much from Payne or Fox in general, but Payne managed to go beyond the usual vitriol the network heaps on the poor and into the truly bizarre.

In an effort to explain why poor people are, well, poor, Payne said this:

“This Thanksgiving, when you get a chance, after you eat your turkey, go to the mall. You want to see why the rich get richer? Because poor people are gonna eat a bunch of turkey. Even though they’re stuffed to the gills, they’re gonna run to the mall and spend every nickel they have. I’m being honest with you.”

Apparently, Payne was referencing “Black Friday” sales for the Christmas season when he made this statement. Even the host and fellow panelists recoiled at the comment. That’s right, Charles Payne embarrassed his co-workers. No mean feat.

See the video below.

Author: David Phillips

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