Elizabeth Warren To Obama: Break Up The Banks…and Bring on Hillary? (VIDEO)

On Tuesday, is a speech to the Roosevelt Institute and Americans for Financial Reform, Massachusetts Senator, Elizabeth Warren challenged Wall Street and her President on “Too Big to Fail.”

“Where are we in making sure behemoth institutions on Wall Street can’t bring down the economy again? And make wild gambles that suck up all the profits in the good times? And stick the taxpayer with the bill when it goes wrong? Three years since Dodd-Frank was passed, the biggest banks are bigger than ever, the risks to the system have grown and the market distortions continue, Warren said.”

The Senator’s visibility continues to increase with 2016 just around the corner. There is a growing movement in the liberal base looking for a challenger to assumed Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton. There can be no denying that Warren checks a lot of the liberals boxes for the progressive base, and speeches like this one will only increase the desire in the far left to have her run.

Can she pull an Obama and beat the Clinton machine and win the general? It seems unlikely, but it would be one hell of a thing to see.


Author: David Phillips

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