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Life Appears on Newsstands

On this day in 1936, with the depression turning the corner, the first-ever issue of publisher Henry Luce’s “Life” appears on newsstands. Luce and original…

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Ted Turner Invents 24-Hour Cable News

On this day in 1980, upstart media mogul Ted Turner launches CNN, the world’s first 24-hour news network; journalism, politics, circadian rhythms and planet earth…

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The Case For Impeachment

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the strategy Democrats are employing with this White House simply isn’t working. Trump has decided to ostensibly ignore any and all Congressional subpoenas, and his attorney general is in lock step with this obvious obstruction of justice. It’s as though Trump is daring Democrats to impeach him. So, if that’s the case, I say give him what he wants.

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It’s Bidens Nomination To Lose.

“But overall, Biden has, in my opinion, the best chance of making Trump a one-term president. He’s not too far to the left that centrist Democrats and even some moderate Republicans (yes, they’re out there and they’re looking for an excuse not to vote for Trump) won’t find him attractive. And he’s liberal enough so that he can get at least a plurality of primary votes. In this very crowded field, if Biden continues to poll around 30 percent, he’ll win the nomination. Like I said earlier, only Bernie can compete with him.”

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Far Too Many Americans Do Not Know These Truths About The US Constitution

It appears that a large percentage of American adults had not been paying attention when the Constitution was taught to them in school. Or perhaps they just never received a civics lesson.

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Will Democrats Overreach….Again?

Originally published on February 10th, 2019 It’s only February and the 2020 presidential field is already crowded. With the announcement by Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar…

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