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Spindle Top: The Return of the Dinosaurs

On this day in 1901, the American oil industry is born as a gusher named Spindle Top blows; the United States would never be the…

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“Welfare Capitalism”

On this day in 1914, Henry Ford announces a revolutionary wage scale of $5 per day, and reduces shifts from nine to eight hours. Against…

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Life Begins

On this day in 1936, with the depression turning the corner, the first-ever issue of publisher Henry Luce’s “Life” appears on news stands. Luce and…

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The Witch of November Come Stealin’

On this day in 1975, American Great Lakes ore freighter SS Edmund Fitzgerald sinks in a gale-force Lake Superior storm, losing all 29 hands aboard….

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The Lion’s Last Roar

On this day in 1956 Israeli forces, followed by French and British troops, invade Egypt, sparking the Suez Crisis, and bringing parts of Western Europe…

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15 Miles on the Erie Canal

On this day in 1825, the Erie Canal opens, finally connecting the Great Lakes with the Atlantic Ocean via the Hudson River and a man-made…

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