Beck Finally Nails It. Obama is Going to Kill Us All!

Sometimes it just takes a single insight to start the cascade of reason that ultimately reveals the reality behind a well designed facade.

For the last five years, I’ve picked up hints; threads of information pointing to President Obama’s real motives. But I was unable to convince myself that this man was capable of the catastrophe that seems to be beginning as I write this piece.

Today, I read in the Wonkette, “Glenn Beck Exposes Obama’s Sinister Plot: WWII Memorial Closure First Step Toward Shooting Everyone Dead.”

Thank you Mr. Beck! I apologize for disregarding what I considered your bloviating for the past several years.  Never did I think that you had your finger on the pulse of what was really happening behind the scenes. But this time you got it right. Your insight is exactly what we needed to see the whole picture as it comes together.

It’s a short logical step to seeing the real reason for the FEMA camps that were build all over the country. Clearly, the Obama forces won’t be able to kill everyone and those who survive and are captured can be interred in these camps for re-education.

These people will need to be held in isolation if Sharia is to be implemented and enforced in America.

Now it makes sense that at this particular time Obama found it necessary to have a private telephone conversation with the President of Iran, Hassan Rouhani? Think of it this way, the American military probably wouldn’t follow Obama’s commands to kill Americans. So who is to do the killing? Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, that’s who. Think about it: Why has Obama been reluctant to consider an attack on Iran a viable response to their Uranium refinement efforts? He can’t risk damaging Iran’s military before they come here to kill everyone.

It may be a minor point but in cases like this everything matters: Obama’s middle name is Hussein, a name very similar to Hassan. And Obama’s father was a Muslim. Even though the son saw his father once or twice in his life, it is a known fact that Islam can be passed on in one’s DNA.

Pay attention to the news folks. Very soon Obama will drop the name Barack and go by Hussein Obama. That will be the signal to begin the slaughter.

When you really think about it, Obama’s entire life has been dedicated to lies and distortions, covering up a plan that is finally coming to fruition. Serving as a community organizer to make him look like he cared about ordinary people. Being both a state and US Senator, to give the impression he likes America. Attending a Christian church for 30 years to cover up any apparent traces of his Islamic faith. Showing us a birth certificate from Hawaii when we all know he was born in Indonesia…or was it Kenya. No matter, the truth is revealing itself as you read this piece.

Regretfully, I didn’t follow the advice of my NRA friends and prepare myself before he comes to get our automatic weapons. I’m sure that will start any day now.

I have to give credit to the many real Americans who have stocked up on guns and ammunition. It’s going to be a hell of a fight.

Robert De Filippis


Author: The Blue Route

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