Anti-Putin Blogger is Dead

Here is the thing. Always in the past, the people like Putin and the Russians would be a little more cautious, more circumspect, because if they became too obvious, the United States would call them out, publicly and with evidence of what the Russians were doing.

They would interdict if the Russians didn’t knock off; and we (the U.S.) would absolutely be sharing intelligence with our NATO allies (not just the ones where trump has towers, I mean), so that those allies could interdict Russian operations like this themselves. It’s the sort of thing that allies do for each other, after all.

But we are now alienated from our decades long traditional allies, who cannot be blind to the fact that, for the first time in our history the American “president” is obviously and plainly taking direction from Vladimir Putin. The evidence is so clear and compelling, in fact, that dinkie-Don almost has to try and stay in office to avoid being charged with capital treason the moment he leaves office. He’s that guilty and he knows it. So should you.

And if you want the United States to stop being a puppet of Russian interests and forces, you’d damn well better pay attention.


Moscow McConnell continues stonewalling and refusing the funding to protect our electoral process from being corrupted again, exactly as it was in 2016. The “president” has made it clear that he believes Vladimir Putin about their “innocence”, rather than the considered expertise of our own national intelligence analysts. Who, I point out, are almost religiously apolitical as they always have been. And, I can tell you from a fair amount of time knowing them, what carefully unspoken political views they do have are almost uniformly conservative ones. That’s a fact.

What you need grasp is that trump is not a conservative. He’s a corrupt businessman who stumbled into office under Russian guidance and with the same Russian dark funding that’s supported him for at least 20 years because no western banks would touch him. (Don’t think Deutsche Bank’s anything but a front for Russian money laundering, people.)

So, again, we have to commit to pulling and voting together. The country’s survival is literally at stake.

~CB, S/SGT, USMC, -ex

Author: Chris Braun