America's Richest People — State By State


While Bill Gates of Microsoft Fame is still the “big daddy” as America’s richest man, a wide variety of cultures, backgrounds, and industries are represented in a state by state analysis of America’s wealth. In fact, the top 10 richest in the U.S. —  with a combined wealth of $362 billion — are from some unexpected places: Arkansas, Kansas, and Nebraska, for example. To be noted is GOP funder David Koch, whose net worth is $41.5 billion.

A new list released Tuesday — largely unchanged from last year’s list — revealed the following:

  • Bill Gates – America’s richest at $70.8 billion
  • Warren Buffet – $59.8 billion
  • David Koch – $41.5 billion
  • Michael Bloomberg – $21.4 billion
  • Michael Dell (Dell computers) – $16 billion
  • James Walton (Walmart heir) – $37.1 billion

But here is the shocker and it is very telling as to the direction we’re heading in the U.S. and the growing gap between the haves and have-nots. Most of America’s richest are making even more this year than they did last year. Specifically, their wealth has risen 28 percent. Who’s not surprised?

You can view the complete list at the Daily Mail.

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