American Warlords: the CSPOA/Oath Keepers (VIDEO)

It seems we’ve been on a fast freight headed toward becoming Afghanistan for some time and this just might be the final step.  We’ve been pushing hard to create our own version of Sharia Law.  It may be based on the Old Testament, rather than the Quran, but it’s still the same principle, radical religious rule rather than the rule of “we the people.”

Now we have the mercenaries who are declaring themselves superior to the elected government and the judicial system that is a fundamental part of our government structure.  I can’t imagine that you won’t be trembling in your seats after reading this and watching the videos because I am and I’m not scared of much.  This is the most terrifying thing I’ve seen…maybe in my lifetime.

I’ve seen the changes in the attitudes of law enforcement at the local levels for some time but I seem to be a little late coming to this dance since I just became aware it’s actually an organized effort and not just pockets of bullies hiding behind a badge isolated around the country.

I’ve been aware for some time that we had these little pockets of paranoid militias playing weekend warrior around the country but I was not aware it was a nationwide organization that has infiltrated and taken over local police departments, declaring themselves THE authority above all with the guns and badges to enforce their will on the people…their version of the law that is.  They are warlords and there really is no other word for it.  Maybe you’ve been left out of the loop too so let me explain what these individuals are saying and doing.

The name of the organization is the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (they also refer to themselves as the “Oath Keepers”) and these people are insurrectionists.  You can watch the videos and check my references but these are people who are embedded in and taking over local sheriff’s offices and police departments and you can hear what they say out of their own mouths on the videos.  The odd thing is that while these people are screaming about the federal government taking your rights and claim they are defending the constitution, they are denying that you and I have any civil rights.

They have declared that they will interpret the constitution and the law as they see fit and enforce their version with their guns and badges.  They are domestic terrorists…thugs…guerillas.  Seriously people if they were constitutional scholars they wouldn’t be working for local police departments and sheriff’s offices.  They don’t even understand the separation of powers the founding fathers laid out for a reason and I doubt seriously if they’ve even read the constitution much less studied it.  These people claim to be defending the constitution but there are only two parts of the constitution they believe in:  1) the 2nd amendment, and 2) the 10th amendment.

They support and defend Chief Mark Kessler in Gilberton, PA and others like him.  In case you may have missed this story, Gilberton, PA’s police chief has posted videos on the internet repeatedly promoting violence against “libtards” and any public leader he disagrees with recommending “shooting libtards from a tree” and the most vile, violent language you can imagine proudly demonstrating how to kill people who disagree with you.

When he was called in by the city council to consider discipline for his behavior approximately 100 militants he had recruited showed up to provide “security” for him at this meeting, harassing citizens entering the meeting.  This is a town of approximately 700 people being essentially held hostage by 100 militants, while the CSPOA defends and protects this behavior as their constitutional right to abuse private citizens and the governments the citizens have elected.  They defy local elected governments to do anything to get rid of them and stand in defiance of federal authority as well.  They have declared themselves the new government.

Let’s be very clear what we’re talking about here.  They are the KKK…they are the neo-Nazis…they are insurrectionists and they have infiltrated our police departments and are using their badges and guns, paid for by you, to intimidate, abuse and even kill you while claiming it’s their constitutional right to do so.  They have declared themselves the ruling power and not accountable to federal law, civil rights or any other rule of freedom we have known to be ours.

They feel justified because they have their own constitution they have dreamed up in their twisted minds and it only has two sections: the 2nd amendment and the 10th.  The rest of it they’re writing to suit themselves and they have essentially defied the federal government or any other power to stop them.  These are warlords the same as the Taliban militants that are ruling Afghanistan.  Don’t let yourself be fooled into thinking this is just pockets in the Deep South.  It has swept the country and is gaining momentum every day.  The video of their awards ceremony currently displayed on the CSPOA website took place in St. Charles, MO, just outside of St. Louis and only about an hour from me.

We see the abuses in the news every day.  We collectively shrugged about “stop and frisk” laws because it primarily affected black men in the city but now we have women being subjected to body cavity searches by cops on the side of the road in Texas.  We have an unarmed couple in Cleveland shot 137 times while sitting in parked car with 100 officers involved.  We have an unarmed 18 year old graffiti artist tased to death.  We have women being beaten and raped in jails and courthouses.

If we allow this to continue we ARE Afghanistan and we can stop pretending otherwise because nobody has any rights unless they are approved by the CSPOA’s new constitution…we are now run by warlords and terrorists.  It’s past time for the DOJ to act and it’s not like it would be a hard case to make…they have video-taped the declaration of their coup and posted it all over the web.


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Author: Cheryl Creech

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