A Sad Day for America

My fellow Americans, January 30, 2020, is a date that will live in infamy, Republicans in the senate maliciously and deliberately betrayed the American people.

In an act that was so outrageous it defied comprehension, Republicans with malice and foresight destroyed our constitution and our democracy.

It was Ben Franklin that, when asked, “What have we created,” replied “a Republic, if we can keep it.” Well fellow citizens, we have lost that republic.

No longer does the government fear the people. Instead, the people must now fear the government.

Senate Republicans, by rejecting witnesses at the Senate trial and by attacking heroes that testified in the House of Representatives such as Gordon Sondland, Fiona hill and Lt. Col. Vindman, a wounded veteran, have shown the American people that they no longer work for them, but instead, they work for a foreign government and a traitorous, corrupt president.

They have shown the people that a president or any official elected to the federal government is above the law and need not be held accountable for their crimes.

This was a sad day for America. We can only hope that we can begin to heal and regain our democracy in November 2020.

Author: Michael Hoyt

Worked as a conductor on the Railroad until 1988, worked as a machinist until 2007 and then retired. Earned a creative writing certificate from Rio Salado Community College in 2014. Became concerned when GW Bush was elected, even more, concerned when Republicans began trying to block everything Obama tried to do and now totally p**sed off at what trump and the Republicans are trying to do to our country. I started my own blog in 2009 and now write for The Blue Route.

3 thoughts on “A Sad Day for America

  1. Alexandria, you people never cease to amaze me. You have been thoroughly propagandized by the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Fox News. You actually believe that all other news sources are fake news, (a term no other president has ever used, but there are several leaders who have used it. Hitler and Mussolini are the first to come to mind.)

    You sit on your a** and watch as Trump rips children from their parents (shades of the Jews) and puts them in cages. You cheer as Trump mocks the disabled and asks another country to help him win elections in the USA and you think that’s OK, You sit quietly as Trump and the GOP attack our hero’s and portray them as unamerican. You cheer as Trump alienates our allies and embraces our enemies. You watch as thousands of Americans are left homeless in Puerto Rico as it is devastated by hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes and our government does nothing to help and you think that is OK.

    Trump touts the economy and yet you cannot name one bill that has helped it. Don’t say the tax cuts because you will see the folly of that when you fill out your 2020 taxes in 2021.

    You have the temerity to say “best president ever” while farmers and factories are having trouble and shutting down because of Trump’s self-declared trade war.

    You have fallen for the propaganda and there is probably no turning back for you. I, however, will do my best to remedy this situation in 2020 while you will remain in your own little propaganda filled world.

What say you, the people?