A Proud Draft Dodger‏

I have a pet peeve that I want to get it off my chest. I often hear liberals refer to certain high-profile Republicans as “draft dodgers,” i.e. Dick Cheney (who had 5 deferments), Rush Limbaugh (a wart on his ass), Ted Nugent (look it up) and Mitt Romney (religious deferment – too busy saving souls in the trenches of the French Riviera).

I’m going to put my cards face up here, and admit that by definition, I too was a draft dodger. But I resent being lumped in with the four aforementioned cowards. In my case, along with literally hundreds of thousands of others, I openly and actively protested our involvement in Vietnam. And not just to save my own ass, but to save theirs as well. Romney famously demonstrated for the war in Vietnam, just as long as he himself didn’t have to risk breaking a nail. And as far as I can find online, none of the other three weenies ever protested that war; just their own participation in it.

I burned my draft card in full view of the television cameras on the steps of San Francisco City Hall, along with dozens of other guys who didn’t happen to have parents who had wealth or political influence. The draft was unfair by design. Unless your family had “pull,” the chances were you’d be drafted. And if you were black, it was practically a foregone conclusion. But rich white kids, and sons of politicians and industrialists had nothing to worry about. So when my lottery number came up snake eyes, I left the country. As it turned out, Nixon rolled back the draft just after I left, but I have no regrets. Those of us who protested the war did so on behalf of everyone, not just our own hides.

So please, when you refer to someone as a draft dodger, keep in mind that during that time, there were those of us who had far more honorable reasons than merely trying to save ourselves. The Vietnam War was one of the least noble conflicts ever waged. The injustice of which was only exceeded by the Iraq War. And those of us who opposed the war on humanitarian and ideological grounds are offended when being equated to those who were only concerned with saving their own bacon.

Call us draft dodgers if you want, but don’t equate us with them. They were in favor of the war, provided someone else died in their stead. The rest of us were opposed to it, so that nobody had to die. Not even treasonous monsters who’d later go on to inflict another unnecessary war on another country that didn’t deserve to be destroyed 35 years later.

Author: Bruce Lindner

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