95% Of Americans Want To Know Why, When 95% Of Us Want Something, It Still Doesn't Effin' Happen

Congressional aides have reported that the telephones of pretty much every Senator and Representative in Washington D.C. have been ringing off the hooks as the American people are beginning to voice their concern over the fact that when we all agree on something, for some reason, it still doesn’t get done.

Most recently the gun debate has sparked 95% of our country to agree that we should have stricter gun laws, including background checks, yet those we put into office to represent us are doing anything but. Lisa Ann Steller, President of Why The F*ck Can’t You Hear Us? – a grassroots movement that is trying to point out the deafness of our lawmakers – made the following statement:

“For some reason, the elected officials of this country will tell us what we want to hear for our votes, but once they get into office they only vote for those special interest groups who are giving them the big bucks, that’s not Democracy and that’s not the way this country should be run!” 

Other advocates of fixing our screwed up country have pointed out that a majority of Americans also support gay marriage, civil rights and equality among the sexes – yet oddly enough, those in charge can’t seem to find it in themselves to give a crap.

Apparently, the outrage among Americans turned into a public outcry when an article titled 95% Of Americans Want To Know Why, When 95% Of Us Want Something, It Still Doesn’t Effin’ Happen, which appeared on an incredibly popular site called TheBigSlice.org, went viral on Facebook (due to it’s amazing insight and supremely awesome use of words like supremely awesome), pointing out the hypocrisy of our political system and then provided websites that allowed people to find the phone numbers of their State Representatives and their Senators, asking them to actually give a shit about the direction this country is going and demand those we put into office to start doing their effin’ jobs.

The article also recommended that everyone then say something nice to their spouse, recommend the writer for a Pulitzer and, sometime soon, enjoy a piece of pie with a nice topping.


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