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Assembly line Manufacturing Begins

On this day in 1913, Henry Ford’s innovation of the full-chassis assembly line begins churning Model T’s off at the Highland Park plant. As a…

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Pelosi Will Thwart Trump’s Attempted Coup

Now that all of the battleground states have certified their election results, the Trump legal team of Howard, Fine and Howard are left with two…

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Mark Twain – “the Father of American Literature”

On this day in 1835, Samuel Langhorne Clemens is born the sixth of seven children in Florida, MO. He would evolve into the man Mark…

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United Nations Resolution 181

On this day in 1947, the United Nations votes in favor of an Independent Jewish State of Israel, the partition of Palestine and an end…

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Screw Their Feelings

We are told that 74 million people voted for Donald Trump and that we have to consider their feelings. After all, the argument goes, he…

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The Iron Lady’s Influence

On this day in 1990, British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher tenders her resignation to Queen Elizabeth II, and leaves 10 Downing Street in tears. The…

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