You Think The 'Lamestream' Media Is Attacking Christianity? Watch This (VIDEO)

According to many on the right, Christianity is under attack from those in the mainstream media. That might be a tough case to make once you watch this video – where the most mainstream member of the most mainstream cable network in the mainstream media assumes that an Oklahoma tornado survivor is a Christian, only to be told she’s an atheist.

In Wolf Blitzer’s defense, assuming that a person who lives in the Bible Belt is Christian isn’t a stretch. But that’s not the point. There was a time when religion was never discussed in the news unless it was a story about religion. Today, respected journalists and political leaders are expected to evoke God or prayer with every national tragedy, and sometimes even sports wins.

It is not, Bill O’Reilly and Sarah Palin, Christianity that is under attack from the media. It is the media that is under attack from Christianity. I long for the days of Walter Cronkite, who would sooner ask if a tornado survivor wanted to thank her pet rock than ask her if she wanted to thank the Lord.

Wendy Gittleson grew up in a political family. Her passion is for social justice and fairness. She lives in a union household. In her rare downtime, you’ll find her hiking or exploring the shoreline with her dogs. Follow her on her Facebook page, on her Facebook blog page or on Twitter, @wendygittleson

Author: The Blue Route

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