You Couldn't Buy The Election, And We Aren't Going To Let You Steal It Either (VIDEO)

In the last election we proved a U.S. presidential election couldn’t be bought.  The next big challenge for our democracy is to prove they can’t steal one either and make no mistake we have to win this one or we will no longer be “We the People.”  What can you do?  I’m going to tell you but let’s make sure everyone understands the importance of this issue first.

Even though there have been virtually no proven cases of individual voter fraud numerous states have charged ahead with batting at phantoms and in doing so are executing a coup on the ballot box that is the biggest single threat to democracy we’ve ever faced.   It couldn’t be in more danger if we were under attack by a foreign power.

In the wake of the last elections we’ve had draconian voter restriction laws passed in a great many states.  The Dept. of Justice is still battling it out with the state of Texas but we can’t assume they will win so as citizens we have to be proactive on this issue.  There is no issue more essential to being a patriot and ensuring our democracy than making sure everyone can vote.

Women, minorities, the elderly and the poor are especially victimized by these laws. The poor are especially targeted because they may not have transportation or have the financial resources to obtain the legal documents required for a voter ID such as a birth certificate.  Many women are especially vulnerable to it because not only are they disproportionately pushed into poverty due to raising children alone, if they’ve changed their name due to a marriage or divorce they may also need documents verifying that change.  Women were a major factor in the results of the last election so it’s not surprising there would be pieces to these laws to disproportionately affect them.

Elderly and disabled people often lack transportation to the DMV or county seat and more often might not even have a driver’s license so they too could be shut out of the election.  I think anyone who thinks about will understand that a great majority of Americans will be shut out of the voting process denying them their citizenship for all intents and purposes.

Missouri has even changed their driver’s license renewal policies so that even though everyone had to show a birth certificate to get their license initially they are required to show one now before they can renew that license.  This isn’t a one-time process but a continuing requirement for people to prove over and over they are citizens.

These laws have often denied students the ability to vote in the states they are going to school in since their driver’s licenses are typically in the states they are from.  We also still have African Americans who never had a birth certificate because it’s only been within recent decades the birth of a person of color was considered important enough to register.  That alone is a sad commentary to our culture and it is imperative that these people not be cut out of the voting process.  They’ve been denied enough of their rights since the beginning of this nation.

We also have the fact that many Americans have become more transient due to following their jobs and moving frequently may leave them without the necessary documentation.  It doesn’t take much thought to realize that a great number of Americans are going to be shut out of the process.

So what can we do?  There is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that is now taking volunteers and sending free information packets, including forms, to help those volunteers fight against this legal terrorism being executed against democracy.  This organization has attorneys who are true patriots working pro-bono to ensure Americans get to exercise their right to vote.  They are offering media assistance to promote your efforts.  We need a true grassroots effort that has nothing to do with how much money you can give but how much you love ruling yourselves.

They are focused on one thing: making sure all Americans can vote.  They are asking that each volunteer locate at least 3 people to help register and give a ride to the polls.  They are also asking for volunteers to video tape issues at the polls and call in issues with people being denied their right to vote so it can be immediately addressed.  This is a noble battle my friends as it’s the biggest battle we’ve ever faced.  We need everyone to do what they can do.

If you’re a true patriot who would do anything you could to protect our democracy go to and sign up, send for their free packet and get busy.  We have just over a year to ensure the most basic platform of our democracy…everyone having a say in who represents them.  Nothing has been more fundamental or essential to ruling ourselves since 1775.


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Author: Cheryl Creech

What say you, the people?