Yet Another World Leader With Daddy Issues Threatens War (VIDEO)

Once again, like a tiny dog nipping at our heels, North Korea is growling and snapping at the evil empire. Breaking diplomatic agreements, its leader, Kim Jong Un, re-opened a nuclear reactor which is reportedly capable of building a nuclear bomb a year. From NBC News:

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In a sane world, the North Korean Dictator by Birth shouldn’t have a serious role. The 30-year-old man child looks and seems as if he’d be more comfortable playing Call of Duty than actually being called to duty. However, our world is not sane. It is run by deeply flawed people and every one of whom carries emotional scars that color their leadership. Fortunately, in most of the world’s nuclear powers, there is a democratic process and a series of checks and balances that sets boundaries. That is, until the boundaries fall.

Lacking a peek into Kim Jong Un’s childhood, it can only be assumed that he had no boundaries. His grandfather then his father and now he are (as NBC phrases it) cult leaders to the poverty stricken country of 24 million. It’s rumored that the latest bit of saber rattling is from a man who’s insecure in his power – a man whose father didn’t show him the boundaries. From Yahoo News:

Kim took over in December 2011 after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il, who regularly defied the international community. The elder Kim tested nuclear weapons, test-fired missiles, and in a pair of 2010 incidents shelled a South Korean island and allegedly sank a South Korean navy ship. His regime repeatedly promised to turn South Korea’s capital, Seoul, into a “lake of fire.”

His people starved. He parked many into prison camps regularly denounced by human rights groups as among the most brutal in the world. He allegedly shared nuclear and missile know-how with countries like Iran and Syria. How could the younger Kim be worse?

“There is some concern that maybe, unlike his father, this guy doesn’t know where the edge is—he keeps pushing, and doesn’t know where the edge is,” Victor Cha, the top Asia hand on President George W. Bush’s National Security Council from 2004-2007, told Yahoo News.

While the US is being threatened with war, I am reminded of the build up to the Iraq war. Just a decade ago, our boundaries fell. Our leaders lied their way into war while Congress, almost without question, gave them the green light.

George W. Bush, our then President, and Kim Jong Un have one striking thing in common. They both have an overwhelming case of daddy issues. While a surprising number of politicians do have daddy issues, many grew up without fathers. Kim and Bush, however, are both legacy leaders. It’s argued that despite his meek demeanor and single term as president, George Bush Sr. spent decades as one of the most powerful men in the government. Even if the conspiracy theories aren’t true, for four years, Bush Sr. was arguably the most powerful man in the world. Before that, he was Vice President and before that, the head of the CIA. For a man who never met a business he couldn’t bankrupt, George Jr. had some pretty big shoes to fill. So, like Kim, he declared an unprovoked war. The difference, of course, is that the United States actually has weapons of mass destruction.

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