Yes, Obama Did Get Osama

I was once again reminded last night by a conservative friend and one time co-worker of the Republican talking point that “President Obama doesn’t deserve credit for getting Osama bin Laden, because it was the SEALs who bagged bin Laden, not him personally.”

I wrote an article on this very topic two years ago, debunking it once and for all. So here’s what I told my friend last night ~

During the 2004 presidential campaign, what did the Bush re-election team come up with for their slogan? “HE’S KEPT US SAFE.”

1) That’s patently false, of course. Yes, we were relatively safe only AFTER 3,000 Americans were murdered in their offices — Bush ignored warnings of an impending attack, but other than that minor detail… and…

2) Why didn’t the Bush team give credit where credit was due in 2004? If it was the military that deserved all the credit for the bin Laden raid, then why wasn’t the Bush slogan “OUR TROOPS KEPT US SAFE.”

My friend was gracious enough to admit that I had a point.

Author: Bruce Lindner

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