WTF Happened To 'They Deserve A Vote'? (VIDEO)

Apparently, those we put in charge, don’t agree with our President and the majority of Americans.

They don’t agree with the fact that we need to start taking steps to curb a 12,000 lives-ended-a-year problem. They don’t agree that a weapon, and a 30-round clip that were designed to kill as fast as possible within a war zone, have no place in our society. They don’t agree that 20 first-graders, being dismembered in less than 5 minutes, was horrific enough to make the harder decisions.

It’s time to clean house, both sides of the aisle, if no one has the brains to even try and change things. Over 90% of Americans agree things need to change in this country. If you can’t even find the guts to stand up for those you represent, what good are you as a representative of the people?

I call Bullshit on what this country is willing to accept any more. Not only do all those people who have died from unnecessary gun violence deserve a vote–the rest of us, we deserve a better country.

Author: The Blue Route

What say you, the people?