Wolves in Sheep's Clothing In North Carolina's 3rd District

North Carolina has been getting national attention for some time.  Between the draconian voter restriction laws, “Moral Mondays” in Raleigh and people being arrested it’s been a busy state.  However you look at North Carolina today, it’s obvious the people of North Carolina are not happy with the direction their state has taken under the new radical Republican agenda; and who can blame them.

In North Carolina today preachers and school teachers are being arrested for exercising their constitutional right to freedom of assembly when they show up at their state’s capital buildings.  The Republican Governor and Legislature seem to have all but forgotten that they are representatives of the people.  Fortunately, they are about to have a chance to change that starting with the new Progressive Candidate in the 3rd congressional district of North Carolina.  Perhaps his campaign will spur other Democrats to challenge the status quo in their state legislature. We can only hope.

Currently, on the conservative side, in The 3rd Congressional District We have Mr. Jason Thigpen, a Tea Party Republican congressional candidate one day and a declared “Conservative” Democratic candidate for Congress the next. No kidding, the guy jumped from the Republican Party one day and the next asked Democratic voters of the 3rd Congressional District to make him their leader.

Mr. Thigpen actually bailed from the GOP ticket to the Democratic ticket for this race.  There seems to be quite the media circus surrounding that, but when I went to check it seems the incumbent, Congressman Walter Jones was also Democrat before jumping to the Republican ticket where he has remained and ruled for 20 years.  However, when looking at his record, it’s easy to see he was always a Republican…a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

He belongs to the American Conservative Union which is the oldest membership-based right-wing lobby group in the nation and Mr. Thigpen seems to hold the same views.  The only GOP policies he has abandoned are the government shutdown and voter restrictions, but is that indicative of his true position or somehow related to the fact that the GOP shot themselves in the foot with the good people of North Carolina?  Make no mistake, Mr. Thigpen is a “drown the government in the bathtub” guy and North Carolina will not get the change they’re hungry for with Thigpen. Mr. Thigpen is cut from the cloth that does not want to fix the government, they want to cripple government.

To conservatives in North Carolina it seems party affiliation has less to do with platform and policy than with which ticket is most likely to get someone elected, and that would explain why so many people think there is no difference in the parties.  North Carolina’s 7th District is the best example where a Democratic Congressman has been voting with the Republicans for years. However, “a rose by any other name” is still a rose, and a thorn by any other name is still a thorn. Mr. Thigpen is evidence of that.

This district was held by Democrats for over 80 years with the exception of one two-year term held by a populist, which is even more liberal.  History shows this district as having a fairly progressive leaning for nearly 100 years until the “Contract for America,” that ended up being a contract on America, when the Newt Gingrich/Rush Limbaugh propaganda campaign got into full swing in the mid-90s, and the electorate got lost in the rhetoric.  Is that when the people fell in with this “social conservative” movement?

Unless the people of North Carolina get out and vote in the primary election, they are probably going to have a choice between a radical conservative and a more radical conservative.  If they truly want a choice between conservative and progressive policies, then they need to make sure they have a progressive choice.  Seriously, don’t we have enough conservatives sitting in Democrats’ seats? Haven’t conservatives done enough damage to North Carolina?

There is hope. A true lifelong progressive Democrat is running to defeat Walter Jones in North Carolinas 3rd District and I hope the voters of the 3rd District take notice.

Marshall Adame is the opposite of Jones and Thigpen, the wolves in sheep’s clothing. 

He is a real live progressive Democrat who came up the hard way as the son of a migrant worker. Marshall is also a Retired U.S. Marine, former U.S. Diplomat and member of the U.S. Congressional Commission on Wartime Contracting in Iraq.

Marshall believes in an expanded, strong and free Public School education for every American, verses cutting it.  He believes in workers’ rights and fair play in the workplace.  Marshall believes in equal rights for women and is outraged by North Carolina’s repressive Voter ID laws.  He believes in the principles of building a nation instead of starving it to death.  He knows, like FDR did, that we can’t cut our way out of a depression/recession but have to build our way out of it. He knows building our infrastructure is a crucial piece of our economic engine that all business thrives on.

And let me be clear, my friends, when anyone who tells you they want to “drown the government in a bathtub”, which is what the “smaller government” rhetoric is all about, they are talking about us, the average Joes, middle class and working poor.  It’s the voice of “we the people” they want to drown, leaving America to the whim of Corporate power and influence.  “We the people” are the government itself and it’s up to us to show up at the ballot box to drive the train.

Marshall Adame is a man who grew up with John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy as his role models.  They became the heroes he measures his decisions by.  He’s a man of faith who believes the Constitution got it right in ensuring government had no place in religion and religion no official power in government.  Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness as promised in our Declaration is dependent on the separation of Church and State.  That is true freedom of faith, my friends.

He’s also a veteran who believes war is always the very last recourse not the first. He’s also a man who believes in keeping our promise and standing behind our veterans before, during and after the wars are over.  He’s a man with a lovely family and strong family values who doesn’t want to force his values on North Carolina through government policy.

He has spent the majority of his adult life either in the military or promoting our interests overseas.  When the American led Coalition invaded Iraq in 2003, Marshall became the coalition’s Airport Director of Basra International Airport, Iraq. He later became a U.S. State Department Diplomat in our U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq where he was an advisor to the Iraq Minister of Interior and served a total of just under four years in Iraq. He’s sacrificed much for his country and its people. Marshall has two sons who are veterans, one who was critically injured in battle in Iraq and is now a 100% disabled Wounded Warrior living in Wilmington, NC.  He and his family walk the walk.

Marshall’s blog on Syria shows that he has a better understanding of the factions involved in the Middle East than most I’ve heard speak on it.  If North Carolina’s 3rd District wants someone who understands both domestic and foreign policy and what freedom for all means, they’ll take notice of this campaign.

There’s no guessing where he stands on any issue because Marshall Adame has blogs telling the people what he thinks and where he stands.  They’re well worth the read.  I’ve including links to his blogs in my references, so do yourself a favor and see who the man is.  He stands where he stands and won’t bend with every political wind that blows.  Isn’t that what the people want, someone they can count on to represent their interests?

Some think a Democrat has zero chance of being elected in the 3rd district, but I have faith in the people of North Carolina.  If the good people of North Carolina remember the time of heroes in our public square they’ll take notice of Marshall Adame.  If they want good schools, fair play in the workplace-for men and women, a focus on jobs, rebuilding our disintegrating infrastructure, and every other policy that made this country the greatest nation in the world, they’ll take notice of Marshall Adame.

If they truly want the country they loved back they’ll make sure they have a true progressive on the ballot by showing up for the primary. Marshall has a steep hill to climb and he will need everyone’s help.   Then they’ll come back out for the General election and put a true progressive in office.

They can then go on to flush the wolves out of their state houses.  North Carolina obviously wants change and they won’t get it with Jones or Thigpen.  Here’s to hoping the good people of North Carolina decide to promote true democracy, the will of the people and their right to show up at their Capital building without fear of being arrested by getting on board with a true progressive and making it happen.

“Every American Child Should Have A Happy and Healthy Life. ~ Marshall Adame



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Author: Cheryl Creech

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