Why Is HBO So Afraid Of Male Genitalia?

Whether you’re watching HBO for True Blood, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire, Deadwood, The Sopranos, or yes, even the classic show Hung, it’s pretty clear that there’s no shortage of breasts, v-shaped bush, and duo-gendered buttocks to choose from.  But what many female viewers are starting to notice, and are inquiring attentively about, is why HBO is so afraid of a little bit of male genitalia.

Fair is fair, right?

Full disclosure for full disclosure’s sake, HBO did in fact just show a male “full frontal” on Game of Thrones, but when you pick the most unlikely, least lusted over character to break the “junk barrier”, you leave the female, and parts of your male demographic rolling their eyes.  HBO really shouldn’t try to make its foray into the peen-arena with the slogan “HBO:  Hodor’s Boner Only.”

One of the very few full frontals of male genitalia on HBO was during an episode of Game of Thrones. With a multitude of steamy male leads to choose from, this is the flaccid pale junk shot HBO chose:

Take the hit HBO show Hung for example, which was about a man with a huge penis, who sold himself as an escort while hiding it from his family and ex-wife.  Then take a wild guess just how many times HBO showcased the “supporting actor” between Thomas Jane’s legs.  Exactly, never.  A show about the size of one guy’s junk couldn’t even move HBO to show one guy’s junk.

The topic of full frontal male nudity on cable television has generally remained much of a water cooler, girls night out — or boys night in — topic, but a new video produced by College Humour is using, yes humour, to draw attention to what they are calling “genital equality” on television.

What these four women in the video have to say may be glazed with humor and witty repartee, but as with all humor there is always a dash — and in this case a dong — of truth at the root of it.


The women in the video are making a strong point that what’s good for the goose should be good for the gaggles of ganders longing for just a little of bit something for them to look at amidst all the pendulous breasts, gyrating butt cheeks and a whole lot more breasts as far as the eye can see.

So from the standpoint of this video, it’s no doubt that these women “have a boner to pick” with HBO and are demanding that “for every topless background extra, for every actress that bares her bounties but doesn’t get a line, for every minute that we have to sit through this dumb double standard, you owe us an inch of grade-A man-meat.” If not? They’ll boycott the network — kinda.

It often takes a little humor, or a well-placed joke, to open up a more serious conversation about important issues, and as such is the case here, maybe HBO will actually have to explain for once why it’s so afraid of a little bit of cock and male genitalia on screen.

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