Why I Don't Criticize Democrats And Republicans Equally

Let’s get this silly non-issue settled once and for all. Black people vote Democratic because it’s in our best interest and we recognize that the Republican Party is toxic to the Black community. While the Democratic Party is not everything we’d like it to be, at least it’s not working against our interests.

Common sense dictates that we have to prioritize our efforts. And while the Democrats may be the Bogeyman, the Republicans are the Devil, so it would be highly imprudent to criticize both parties equally. If we did that we would be dividing the Black vote and lending comfort to the GOP, who are leaving no stone unturned to reverse Civil Rights.

So people like Tavis Smiley and Cornel West need to just put the silly argument that Black people are blindly following President Obama to rest. It suggests that Black people are stupid. So if they can’t contribute something constructive to the national dialogue, they need to just shut up.

The Black community has been trying to send them that message for a few years now, but they’ve been thumbing their nose at us, and every time we look up they’re denigrating yet another high-profile Black person. They’ve both become serial offenders in that regard. It’s gotten to the point where even if they said something relevant it would be ignored, because they’ve become renowned for their petty, spiteful, irrelevance. West’s latest racist slander is calling MSNBC the “Rent a Negro Network” – consider what an uproar that would cause if a White person said that. So yet again, West is being divisive, racist, and engaging in nonconstructive mudslinging.

It’s not clear whether West is struggling to remain relevant, or he’s merely becoming senile.That’s not our problem. But the fact that he and Tavis Smiley have become a liability to the Black community is very much our problem, so it’s time to take the gloves off and actively go after these two.

Yes, they have the right to their opinion, but when they begin to hurt the Black community by making us all look stupid, it’s time for us to shut them down and boycott any, and everything, they’re involved in. Only then, will we actually see just how important their opinion is to them. Frankly, I think they’re much more interested in their pocket.

While these two are hard at work trying to divide the Obama coalition, the Republicans are actively engaged in trying to obstruct the Black vote, obstruct all legislation that could possibly provide jobs in the Black community and America as a whole, they’re trying to circumvent the United States Constitution and women’s right to privacy by invading a woman’s uterus, they’re trying to obstruct the rights of gays, they’ve disenfranchised Michigan voters by firing duly elected officials and replacing them with handpicked cronies who are completely unaccountable to the people, and they’re applauding the murderer of an innocent and unarmed Black child. I could go on for pages, but I’m sure I’ve made my point. The GOP is, literally, the domestic enemy of the American people.

On the other hand, much of what we’re complaining about with regard the Democrats is our own fault, because we’ve allowed ourselves to become so distracted by hedonistic pursuits that we’re leaving the store unattended, so it’s no wonder we’re having problems.

But again, Tavis and West aren’t adding one constructive thought to the discussion. On the contrary – they seem to be delighted by the situation, because our misery provides them the opportunity to advocate that we cut off our head to cure a hangnail, when all we actually have to do is take a page from the Tea Party and start voting a few people out of office during the primaries.

We need to start with congress, because they control the purse strings.  If certain Democratic legislators are unresponsive to our condition, we should vote them out of office during the primaries, and then run someone who is more cognizant and observant of our needs. That’s what the Tea Party does, and that’s exactly why Republican politicians are scared to death of this small handful of people. We should follow suit and do the exact same thing, because to even entertain the suggestion that Black people become more bipartisan – or do anything else to dilute our vote in the general election – is total lunacy, because to dilute our vote, is to dilute our power.

Thus, the very first thing we should do is put everybody on notice by making it unquestionably clear that we’re fed up with the nonsense – and the best way to do that is by shutting Tavis Smiley and Cornel West completely down as a clear and unequivocal message to their admiring clones, wannabes, and obsequious minions in the wings. Because even as we speak these people are watching, learning, and preparing to follow in their divisive and self-serving footsteps.

It’s time for the Black community to start cleaning house, and the most appropriate place to start is with these two self-appointed, unelected, omens of self-destruction.

Eric L. Wattree

Author: Eric Wattree

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