Who Oversees The Oversight?

This question has been echoing in my mind for some time as I’ve watched Darrell Issa’s phony hearings wasting taxpayer dollars on his partisan scams.  Darrell Issa, the McCarthy clone, may have finally pushed the protection of his office too far.  And let’s be clear I consider that to be an insult to Joe McCarthy because it seems he at least believed the craziness he was spewing.

People are still yelling about “Fast and Furious” as if it were a real scandal tied to Eric Holder when we found out it was indeed a Bush program still being run by a loose cannon in Arizona that the AG shut down as soon as he became aware of it.  They’re still yelling “Benghazi” and “IRS” as if they were true scandals when they’ve disappeared into thin air as soon as the light of day was shed on them.

“Propaganda is to a democracy what the bludgeon is to a totalitarian state.”
Noam Chomsky, Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda

He denied a woman the right to appear before his panel on birth control violating her constitutional right as an equal citizen.  We’ve watched hearing after hearing unfold…Fast and Furious, the AP, Benghazi and IRS scandals…just to learn he had hidden or misrepresented evidence/information that would have shown it all to be a fake scandal in the first place…and now this Whistleblower thing

But of course once he makes enough noise about his made up scandal there is a segment of the country that continues to repeat his lies as if they were in fact a true scandal because the American people have to be the most gullible on earth…or at least a portion of them.

We’ve watched him call our President, his Press Secretary, Hillary Clinton and the Attorney General liars.  We’ve watched him order the AG, Eric Holder, to shut up after asking him a question and then hold in contempt when he insisted on answering in full the question he had just asked.

This man actually has a pretty extensive rap sheet of his own and he is accusing decent, honest people who have no history of being liars and criminals.  If you want to do that as a private citizen where only your credibility is at stake that might be covered under free speech but when you do it with the power of elected office you are acting on the behalf of all of us and should be held accountable.  Just how much can you get by with just because some group of people somewhere were fooled into voting for you and then your cohorts named you to a committee where you could be their rabid attack dog?

How much of this nonsense does the American public have to be exposed to before it is addressed by somebody?  In essence who oversees the oversight committee when they are unethical? I would go so far as to say that he himself has gone beyond unethical when he has deliberately concealed evidence that would have cleared someone so he could continue to rant, wasting taxpayer money on phony hearings to do so?  Wouldn’t an attorney be disbarred for that kind of behavior?  When he’s wasting taxpayer money on made up scandals isn’t he guilty of fraud?

In essence shouldn’t “government reform” start with getting rid of him?  My friend and colleague, Corey McLaughlin, wrote this article back in June demanding his censure.

According to PoliticsUSA it seems he might finally be investigated for his own corruption. Is it possible will we finally see some action taken against this clown?  Is it possible that someone isn’t beyond the reach of the law just because they hold public office?  I know many of us have been wondering just how far someone can go based on elected office and maybe there is a limit.  Issa sure shouldn’t complain about an investigation into his own fraud when he has held himself up as judge and jury to the president, the AG, the Secretary of State and anyone else he wanted to use his position to persecute for partisan gains. Below are a few excerpts from the PoliticsUSA article and the link is provided if my references if you’d like to read the entire article.

Issa is not going to investigate Boehner’s conflict of interest because he is the largest recipient of oil and gas industry cash on the Oversight committee. During his tenure in Congress, Issa’s campaign committee has received $140,350 in campaign contributions from the employees and political action committees of the oil and gas industry, so he will not jeopardize a steady influx of cash. It brings Issa’s ethics into question for failing to investigate Boehner’s conflict of interest, but it is doubtful Issa has any ethical standards and now there are calls for him to face an ethics investigation for profiting from the so-called IRS scandal he directly initiated.

It was reported that the primary reason the IRS targeted conservative groups is because Darrel Issa requested the IRS specifically target “patriot” and “tea party” organizations seeking “social welfare” tax exempt status to conceal their dark money donors.  Besides wasting time and taxpayer dollars chasing a phony scandal he put in motion, Issa’s effort resulted in the largest fundraising quarter since he began serving in Congress. In the second quarter of this year, Issa received $450,000 more in campaign contributions than the previous fundraising quarter and it resulted in a petition calling for a House Ethics Committee investigation into his motivation for directing the IRS to give extra scrutiny to “tea party” and “patriot” organizations, and then investigating the IRS for following his instructions and performing their due diligence.

Issa’s corruption and investigations are responsible for the Republican drive to underfund the IRS to prevent them from investigating tax fraud that cost the government roughly $1 trillion dollars in lost revenue last year. It is a concerted effort to hamper the IRS from conducting investigations such as those being called for to investigate the American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) money laundering scheme and tax evasion. ALEC provided a conduit for corporations to funnel gifts and money to Republican legislators and then write off the illegal “gifts” as charitable contributions on their tax returns because ALEC is designated as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt social welfare organization.

May I ask when lobbyist organizations became charitable organizations?  It’s a little reminiscent of Newt Gingrich screaming that Pres. Clinton had to be impeached when he himself was involved in the sleaziest personal and professional behavior we’ve seen in politics since Nixon.  I don’t know about you but I’d love to see this double standard come to an end and all of our political figures held to the same level of accountability when it comes to their public service.

Honestly, I don’t care about what they do in their personal lives but when they use their office to waste taxpayer dollars on partisan agendas that they know are just witch hunts that is a real burr under my saddle.  Maybe if just once we could call a clown like this on his abuse of his office we could bring some sanity back to our government and political discourse.  I say clearly IT’S ABOUT DAMN TIME!


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Author: Cheryl Creech

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