White Liberals 'Are The Most Racist People There Are': Ben Carson's GOP Savior Fail Part 2 (AUDIO)

One week after giving a half-hearted apology for comparing gay marriage to bestiality and pedophilia, Johns Hopkins Neurosurgeon, Ben Carson was at it again on Monday’s Marc Levin radio show.

Levin teed up a loaded question for Carson regarding criticism he was receiving from “white liberals” over his recent comments. The good doctor called them “The most racist people there are.”

At one time, Carson was considered a potential candidate for president on the GOP side in 2016. In the last two weeks, he has compared gay people to deviants, been petitioned by Johns Hopkins students not to speak at their commencement, and referred to white liberals as “racists.”

If Ben Carson really wants to be president, then he’s not doing it right.

Audio below:

Author: David Phillips

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