Whiny Little Facebook Snitches

Does everyone remember that whiny, little spoiled brat on the playground who was going to “tell his mommy” every time someone didn’t do what he wanted?  I don’t know about you but the kids I grew up with would smack him a good one and give him something to tell his mommy about.  And if you got that reputation among the other kids nobody would play with you and you were a very bored kid playing with mommy in the house.

It seems we have that on the internet now and Facebook is more than willing to play along instead of telling them to work it out and ignoring their silliness as any sensible mother would do.  The fact is that you can’t tell other people how to think and what to say and who wants to? 

I was recently suspended from posting for 12 hours because someone evidently complained that I said Fox News was a brainwashing organization who no more represented ‘news’ than Rush Limbaugh represents safe prescription drug use.  Now that is proven fact, not hate speech, as Fox has been a joke in the journalistic world for some time. 

Hate speech?  When I see people calling the President of the United States every name under the book and doing their best to encourage some half-wit to kill him?  Give me a break.  If you think Fox isn’t a brainwashing organization then I suggest you go find one of those people among your friends and family…everybody has at least one…who watch no other news and try to have a rational discussion with them about any topic in the news…any topic…and then try to introduce a few facts into the discussion.  When you realize they talk and act as if aliens stole their brain you’ll prove my conclusion for yourself.

If it’s the truth it’s not hate speech and what makes Fox so special that they can tell me what to say?  The day that happens is the day hell freezes over.  I’ve said worse about Facebook and their controlling policies and it didn’t upset anybody…but then I wasn’t challenging the source of misinformation to the misinformed.

I’m sick to death of these people who live in a bubble in an alternate reality and go whining to mommy if anybody dares give them a few facts to contradict the lies they’ve swallowed because it’s more comfortable for them.  They want to believe this rhetoric because it gives them a target…someone to blame and someone to hate…even though the entire premise is based on lies.

Now everybody has a right to choose who they listen to so if something I say or post offends them they are perfectly willing to remove me from their friends and block me.  If they’re that controlling and locked into their ideology then nothing I can say will change their mind anyway.  They’ll have to learn the hard way who really has their hand in their pocket. 

But please people, grow up.  Don’t go crying to “mommy” that so and so said so and so and it upset your little apple cart.  I will most likely reply “your mama wears army boots.”  You want to say the president is Muslim Kenyan because Fox called him that or Sandra Fluke is a “feminazi” because Rush called her that then that’s your right I suppose as an American citizen.  Unfortunately, we do have the right to be idiots if we choose. 

But under the first amendment of the constitution I also have a right to say you’re being lied to, thinking like an idiot and need to wake up.  People are screaming about the 2nd amendment but they seem to have forgotten the entire idea of freedom is based on and supported by free speech and the fact that we can criticize our government, and each other, when we think they’re wrong. 

We’ve lost the right to privacy, protection from illegal search and seizure, the right to our own body fluids and DNA as well as the right to our own bodies in many states but thankfully we do still have the right to free speech.  When that right is gone we can stop bragging about being “free” because we will never be free again. 

When we lose the right to discuss issues in the public square there will be no way to ever fix anything and everyone will have lost the most precious freedom we have…the right to dissent and the right to challenge the status quo in the public square.  People are dying for this same right all over the world and anyone who tries to take it away from anyone else doesn’t believe in freedom of any kind.

If I disagree with you I will say so.  If I think something that is going on is wrong and a danger to us all I will say so.  The day I stop doing so will be the day I draw my last breath.  But I have never and will never report someone to Facebook to limit their right to free expression because I learned on the playground not to be a whiny little brat running crying to mommy, but more importantly I won’t deny someone else the freedoms I want for myself and all people.  I may disagree with what you say and will opening say so but I will never deny you the right to say it.  When we do that might as well start burning all the books so we can control everyone’s mind.

Author: Cheryl Creech

What say you, the people?