What's Love Got To Do With It?

I have always been one of those horrible people that thought Valentine’s Day was a made-up holiday that gave mediocre husbands a chance to make up for being mediocre husbands the entire year since the last Valentine’s Day.  I also saw it as a chance for the card and chocolate companies of the world to make a few more million in profit. Luckily, anyone I dated often felt the same way, so we would celebrate an anti-Valentine’s Day by staying home to avoid all those people crowding up the restaurants and the movie theaters.

Yeah, I know, Bah Humbug!

I wasn’t worried about it much, as a partner, because I’m the type of sappy, hopeless romantic that would surprise a loved one with cards, flowers, dinners I’d gotten off work early to cook, and when possible, surprise trips to places like Montreal or Paris. Setting aside a day to remind people to tell the ones they love, that they love them, was just silly in so many ways.

But just yesterday, a friend said something that I thought was important enough to share. I told her how I wasn’t a fan of Valentine’s Day because it seems to only remind people something they should be telling their lover weekly, if not daily – I cherish your love. She said she understood, and agreed with me, but thought maybe we should look at it a bit differently.

Perhaps, she said, instead of it being a time for couples to express their love (a love they should be expressing every day in the way they treat each other, talk to each other, help each other and respect each other) – maybe it should be a time of year that we tell all those other people, in our lives, how much they mean to us.

Not only family members, but friends as well. Those co-workers who are there for us in ways that go far and above their jobs. Those neighbors who do that little extra to make our neighborhood safe, the every day people who make up for all those people out there that drive us nuts with their pettiness, gossip or apathy.

She then added, remember when we were kids and the entire class would make Valentine’s for the entire class? You didn’t pick and choose who you showed appreciation toward (though we all made sure our ‘secret crush’ got that special Snoopy card that was a little cooler than all the rest) – but at the end of the day, it was about simply using the day to show those around us that they were important to us.

So this Valentine’s Day, kudos for those of you who will take this one day out of the year to tell  your loved one you love them, buy them some candy or some flowers and maybe try to make them a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner…but I can’t say I’ll be surprised if they aren’t around next year when you attempt to show your love all over again. As for me, I’m going to spend my day texting, emailing, calling or just visiting those people who have made life a tad easier for me – and as for that special someone – I have no worries if they know how I feel about them, I used the other 364 days very wisely. =)

At the end of the day, if you can honestly say that you can spend a day, which is set aside for love, showing others how much they mean to you – knowing that the one you are with has no doubts whatsoever – I say you’re doing a damn good job.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day…to us all.

Vince is the author of Einstein’s Shutter, among other works.

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